Here are answers to some common questions concerning our services.

Questions & Answers

How often must accounting be done?

Generally accounting is done on a monthly basis. For small companies, a quarterly, or even a yearly cycle might be possible.

Declarations to third parties provide a deadline: for example, VAT declarations are done based on the accounts. If VAT is declared quarterly, accounting cannot be done once a year.

Additionally, applicable laws (e.g. Limited Liability Companies Act) often require the board of directors or CEO to take care of financial matters and to see that accounts are in order. Persons in charge need to be up-to-date on the situation of their company, so a social services company with a revenue of 3M€ cannot really do their accounting once a year.

In digital accounting books are formed almost in real-time through the combined effects of the company’s operations and the accountant’s work.

Do you offer mailbox services?

If agreed on, you can route invoices to come to our office. Unfortunately we are unable to offer mailbox services, i.e. you cannot put our address as your company’s official address.

Can we get a deputy board member from you?

To be part of a governing organ of a legal person involves certain questions of responsibility, which we cannot easily shoulder. We cannot be part of your boards as deputies or otherwise.

Do you offer single-entry bookkeeping?

Small private traders (FIN: “toiminimi”) can do their books in single-entry style according to the law. This is rarely worthwhile, since it is vulnerable to mistakes.

Single-entry bookkeeping is neither simpler nor cheaper for a professional, so we do not offer that as a service.

Can we pass by your office at any time?

Accounting Agency Mesiperä works at a home office – as a rule we don’t meet with our clients at our office.

Face-to-face meeting can be held at the client’s office, at a rentable meeting room for example at Kamppi Sähkötalo, or other suitable location.

Material can always be brought at our office.

Working from a home office allows us to offer more efficient pricing, due to lack of office rent.

Can we switch to you mid-fiscal year?

Switching accountants mid-fiscal year is not a problem.
It is important for us to get good quality interim balance sheets and profits & loss, as well as a balance sheet breakdown. If you continue with the same accounting software, the switch is often seamless.
We make a quick check of the accounts for the part of the year done by the previous accountant. If it is of poor quality, reconciliation may take some time.

How does becoming a client go in practice?

Usually the process goes as follows:

  1. Our client contacts us through our form, by e-mail or by calling. Our client explains his or her situation, and we go through services they might find useful. Our website has a clear fee schedule and product introductions.
  2. Our client gets a quote for selected services. If the offer is accepted, they will get an invitation to Visma Sign, which is a digital platform for e-signing contracts. Both parties sign the contract and its appendices.
  3.  We do onboarding procedures, such as opening the client company in the accounting environment, opening bank channels, training our client in the use of Fennoa and complete certain legal obligations
  4. We agree on practicalities – how material is to be delivered, are there any projects to be tracked in the accounts, basic principles on payroll service etc.
  5. The client gets their services in time and and professionally done.

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