Accounting & Financial Administration

Digital Accounting

With digital accounting financial information moves from one party to another seamlessly, and the entire financial process is managed through one shared system. Accounting material is not sent separately; it is already available to your accountant.

Invoices are sent and received as e-invoices, bank statements come wired from your bank and payments are made directly from the software. Travel expenses bills and cash receipts are easy to gather, and ERP-, CRM or cashier software can be integrated to the financial software.

Digital accounting is great for all companies who appreciate ease-of-use and scalability. Digital accounting saves you time and money, when resources are not spent on administration. You can focus on your core skills and on developing your business right from the start.

As software we use the Fennoa suite.

Semi-digital Accounting

In semi-digital accounting vouchers are transferred as e.g. PDF-files directly to the accounting software.

Semi-digital is not efficient, if there are many vouchers and it is only recommendable for very small companies.

Accounting software

Fennoa is a modern and versatile digital financial management software made in Finland. Fennoa has quickly gained popularity due to its efficient user interface and competitive pricing.

Fennoa has all modern tools for financial management, such as unlimited users for no additional fee, digital invoicing, a mobile app, automated payments, travel invoices, payroll, financial management reporting tools integrations to other software as well as API and robotics.

Inventory management, group accounting or ERP-features can be integrated to Fennoa.

Fennoa is only available through accounting agencies. When you choose a Fennoa service package from us, you do not pay for software separately, rather software fees are included in our fees.

Our fees

Our normal services are based on a predictable monthly fee, which is composed of three building blocks:

- A base fee, which is fixed and includes at least accounting, VAT-reports, a financial statement and a tax declaration.

- A variable part, which depends on the amount of purchase-, sales- and travel invoices, salaries and certain extra software features.

- Hourly fees, which are for communication or agreed extra work. Our base fee includes up to 30 minutes of hourly work per period, so you might not accrue any fees of this kind.

Our up-to-date fee schedule can be found here.

Pricing examples

Fees include work, software, tax returns, a financial statement as well as up to 30 minutes of consulting or communication per month.

Clothing store Ltd

  • 10 separate sales invoices per month
  • 1 Shopify sales report per month
  • 46 purchase invoices and receipts per motnh
  • 2 salary slips per month
  • Quarterly OSS-declarations
  • In a month: 102€ + 148,2€ + 46€ + 30€ =326,2€
  • In a year 3 914,4€

Marketing trainer Tmi

  • 25 sales invoices per month
  • 23 purchase invoices and receipts per month
  • 19 trips and expenses per month
  • In a month: 102€ + 124,8€ + 26,6€ =253,4€
  • In a year 3 040,8€


Accounting Routine

Digital accounting for SME's, who appreciate efficiency
102 from /mo
  • Bookkeeping
  • Fennoa in shared use
  • VAT-filings
  • Financial statement & Tax declaration
  • Some consulting
  • Purchase- and sales invoices
  • Payments from Fennoa
  • Travel invoicing
  • And more!

Premium services

Extra services, when you want financial information to grow your business
According to contract
  • Dividend declarations
  • Cash flow monitoring
  • Monitoring of key figures
  • Budgeting
  • Management accounting
  • Outsourced sales invoicing
  • Tax planning
  • Special filings
  • And more!


23 apiece
  • Pay slips as e-salaries
  • Incomes register filings
  • Fringe benefits
  • Vacation day recording
  • Collective agreement consulting

Payroll Service

Payroll & Declarations

Payroll in Finland involves many duties, and we can help you with them.
We will take care of payroll and filings, and offer you guidance with hiring employees.

Fringe Benefits, Personnel Benefits, Entrepreneur's Salariies

We offer advice on fringe benefits and taxation of personnel benefits, and thus help you achieve tax savings. We can also take a look at the entrepreneur's total tax burden, and offer hints when to take out a salary and when to take out dividends.

Starting a Business and Guidance

Starting a Business

Are you thinking of opening a business in Finland? What are the different company types, and what else to plan for? Should you continue as self-employed, or switch to "real" entrepreneurship?

Accounting Agency Mesiperä offers guidance and help with starting a business, so you'll be rolling out in no time. And we'll be glad to offer you services from then on too!

We also do company type changes, for example from private trader to limited liability company.

Consulting & Tailored Services

We also offer tailored services for specific needs, such as:

  • Performance audits for small associations or housing cooperatives. An outside observer can often offer impartial views. Please note that a performance audit is not the same as a regular audit.
  • Training packages for the new board of a non-profit association or treasurer. We’ll go through some practical questions of dealing with day-to-day financial matters and the basics of accounting.
  • Consulting on e.g. corporate taxation. Are you thinking of starting a drop shipping company, or considering investing in real estate through a company? Let’s have a look at the implication of each alternative, and make valid choices bases on valid information.