Modern Accounting Services


Doing the books yourselves will save you money, right?
It helps to minimize the costs, right?


And so hours pass, the coffee gets cold, and you find yourself spending several nights on the books.
Time you could have spent on productive work with your customers. Without even mentioning the potential costs of accounting mistakes.


Outsource your accounting to a professional, who will help your business succeed, and who will help you with your financial questions.
Spare yourself the effort, save your money: focus on your strengths.

The accounting agency Mesiperä offers modern and efficient accounting services. Both businesses and non-profits alike will find what they need here, and every customer will get a custom package for their needs. From the bare legal minimum all the way to extensive project accounting, you will get just what you need from us.

Our Services

Accounting and Financial Statement


Digital Bookkeeping

We recommend our customers digital accounting. E-invoices, electronic account statements and scanned cash receipts make bookkeeping efficient and affordable. Say goodbye to cluttered desks and dusty folders!

We will guide you on your way to digitalization, which will bring you savings in time and money. By digitalizing your finances and integrating your systems, you can get almost real-time financial reporting for your business.

Traditional Bookkeeping

We also offer traditional bookkeeping services. Documents and receipts are sent to us by mail, and we deliver reports at agreed intervals, be it once a week or once a year.

Payroll Services


Let us do it

Does your company or association pay salaries? Do you know how much vacation salaries everybody has earned? Do the acronyms TyEL, SaVa and TVR look like gibberish to you?


Leave these matters to us. You make sure that your employees get what they deserve, and that your legal duties are fulfilled. Your team becomes motivated and happy, and you can focus on your core business.

Management Accounting & Financial Administration

Profitablity analysis by project or customer
Outsourced financial management

Do you want to follow profitability by project or customer? To know what product or service brings in the most profit?

Mesiperä offers you a little bit more on top of normal accounting. Let’s find out together what is the best way to get you the information you need.

And if you want to outsource all your financial management from paying bills to financial statements, we will do that too. Focus on your core business!



Fixed Price


We recommend a fixed price for your chosen services. That way your expenses are predictable.

Price Examples


Basic accounting for a part-time lone entrepreneur, revenue < 20 000€

  • Documents by post once a month
  • Basic reports for the previous month by the 15.
  • No problems with the documents
  • Purchase- and sale invoices less than 20 pcs. / mo

Price: 56€ / mo or 38€ / h

Basic accounting for a small active association

  • Occasional lecturing fees for outsiders
  • Lots of cash receipts, 50+ pcs. / mo
  • Some advice regarding e.g. VAT
  • Documents once a month by post
  • Basic reports for the previous month by the 15.
  • Slight problems with the documents


Price: 138€ / mo or 44€ / h


Small company, less than 10 workers, revenue 680 000€

  • Digital accounting, invoices go straight into the accounting systems
  • Profitability calculations by project
  • Planning on financial statements
  • Clear and efficient communication
  • Reports twice a month


Price: 210€ / mo or 40€ / h + 25€ / salaried



Small company, many part-time workers, revenue 230 000€

  • Paper accounting, company already too big for it
  • Noticeable problems with the documents
  • Sales invoices over 200 pcs. / mo

Price: 364€ / mo or 49€ / h + 25€ / salaried

Billing by the hour

If you prefer a time-based fee, a breakdown of time spent is attached to each invoice. Thus, you will see what part of the work takes up time, and we can discuss what changes to your procedures would shorten the needed time, e.g. switching to a billing service that is integrated with the accounting software.


All prices without VAT

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